Friday, March 11, 2016

How do you deal with the cold?

We're getting loads of enquiries for the winter months, and people are asking the "how do you deal with the cold" questions.

Winter is really a superb time to visit Madikwe.  It's the dry season so the veld is low, all the animals congregate at the water holes, and game viewing is a doddle. The wild dogs den in June/July and then: puppies (need I say more?).

We remind you to bring a proper jacket and all the paraphernalia you would if going snow skiing (seriously, bring gloves and scarves and hats).  Because, whilst we go out later in the mornings, and come home earlier in the evenings, the temperature can still drop below freezing on those game drives.

We have a huge camp fire, extra blankets, hot chocolate and sherry.

And, our special little surprise - an old fashioned hot water bottle snuck into your bed by the fairies while you're having dinner. 

Well, that’s what we used to do.
No more. Here's why:

It was a winter’s night, the guests had all been on amazing game drives, defrosted around the fire and enjoyed a hearty dinner. Everyone headed off to bed.

One lady got to her room and saw a curious shape in her bed.

Tentatively, she touched it.
And it moved. (And made a noise.)
So she beat it to death with her walking stick.

Now, we hand the hot water bottle to you after dessert - we felt it safer to remove the element of surprise!

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