Saturday, March 5, 2016

10 Things you need to know about going on a Game Drive

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is the main reason to visit a game reserve. 

For many there is nothing tricky about a game drive - just grab your camera, jump on the truck, and head on out.  But for some, it is a first time thing.
Our game drives go out for 3 ½ to 4 hours.  Departure times vary depending on the time of the year.  We have lovely new Land Rovers with individual (really comfy) bucket seats.

Our field guides carry with them:
·         .375 rifles (and are trained to use them, although have never had to do so out of their monthly practice sessions);
·         a comprehensive first aid kit;
·         extensive qualifications, knowledge and experience;
·         a fabulous sense of humour!
They will tell you the rules just before you go out.  

  1. DO Bring a camera (remember batteries can be charged at the camp) and a pair of binoculars;
  2. DO Wear a hat and sunglasses (and other weather appropriate clothing);
  3. DO Ask questions. You are in your guide’s world and this is what they do and where they shine;
  4. DO Remember to tell your guide what drinks to pack for you;
  5. DO Tell your guide if you need a comfort break – s/he will then find a suitable spot to stop.
  6. DO NOT  Have a list you are feverishly trying to tick off. Please just take each moment as it comes;
  7. DO NOT  Hang any limbs out of the vehicle, stand up, move around or get off the truck. Your guide will tell you when it is safe to do so;
  8. DO NOT  Try to communicate with the animals. Don’t click your fingers/call/whistle/shout or throw anything at the animals to attract their attention or get them to “do something”;
  9. DO NOT  Drop or leave any rubbish in the bush.  This includes toilet paper, apple cores, and cigarette butts - as the old saying goes: leave only footprints;
  10. DO NOT  Be anxious. Your guide will never put you in any situation where you are in danger.

Your game drive experience can be a quiet time of peace, meditation, contemplation and serenity. 
It can be a crazy time of adrenalin fuelled excitement.
No two drives are the same.
Get out there and enjoy every moment!!

Thanks to Clint Parsons for all these photos from one of his game drives with Jonny -

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