Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From the bird bath ....

As you can tell, we are not exactly on the ball with blogging .... Facebooking we're pretty good at, but blogging, sorry, not brilliant.

However all that is about to change! Bart, Mosetlha's new manager, is a fanatical photographer and bush boy ... and he has a new lens to play with. 

This post consists of a few pics he's taken at our bird bath, with his new toy, of:

A fluffed up Fork Tailed Drongo

Golden breasted bunting

A grey go away bird coming in to land (I still think it's a really stupid name, Grey Loerie was MUCH better!)

Melba Finch (or green winged pytilia) and

 violet eared waxbills

Look at this gorgeous little thing! Pearl spotted owlett in the water :)

And in the tree in the setting sun ....

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